Monday, April 14, 2014

I Ain't Even Mad (Divergent trilogy)

The following opinion (this really isn’t a review) may contain spoilers for Divergent. Please proceed with caution even though I will try to avoid spoilers. Actually, it eludes to spoilers so yeah, be very cautious.

I’ve recently finished the Divergent trilogy and prior to reading it, I knew there were quite a few people out there who were not happy with how Allegiant ended. And then I ruined the ending for myself by reading reviews on the box set on the Barnes and Noble set because I’m dumb. Obviously I was surprised that Veronica Roth would even do something like that seeing as it’s something readers ever really see (and I have never read.) It did upset me initially, but I decided to move forward and still finish the trilogy because I couldn’t just leave a series unfinished.

And upon reading the ending, I both was and wasn’t upset.

I was upset in that Tobias just absolutely hurt my heart. His reaction made me want to cry and I was glad that Roth had given him such a realistic reaction especially considering all that he and Tris had gone through together. I was upset in how it ended, but ultimately, I understood.

So I wasn’t upset with Tris’ fate. She had spent essentially all three books struggling between the half of her that was Abnegation and her new found half that was Dauntless. She knew deep down inside she could never shake her Abnegation roots because that who she was, but she also knew she wasn’t entirely Abnegation. And sacrificing herself was ultimately a union of her personality: she was both selfless and brave.

So even though I wish it could’ve ended differently, I’m not mad at the direction that Roth took Allegiant even though quite a lot of people are upset.

What did you guys think of the ending?

~ Yajaira

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