Monday, February 16, 2015

Thoughts on The Selection

Spoiler warning! If you’re reading The Selection or plan on reading it and don’t want spoilers, please proceed with caution. I’ll try to avoid them or be vague, but there will more than likely be spoilers.

So The Selection. I have very mixed feelings about this series. I won’t go saying this series is like, the best series ever, but I did like it enough to want to purchase the next book as soon as I could. It’s a decent, easy read for someone looking to fill in the gap between series. The romance was good (albeit a tad predictable but that’s a lot of YAs these days) and the plot was intriguing, but I felt like Kiera Cass really missed the mark with the last book.

The Selection is another dystopic fiction where there’s a heroine who dares to challange the tyrannical government. And if it followed the same formula as the other dystopian trilogies, The Selection would’ve been the set up, The Elite the build up, and The One the climax. The first two books followed that formula, which left me relatively excited to read The One. I finally got to The One, and it kept me interested throughout even though I could already tell you the ultimate outcome from the very beginning.

But then I got the ending and it was so anticlimactic.

There was all this buildup and it just fell flat on its face. The final “battle”, if you want to call it that, was such a let down. Reading it, I was like, “Is this it? This is really how this is going to end?” And lo and behold, it ended that suddenly. All that buildup especially with America and Georgia and the other rebels seemed like a waste. I really felt like that could’ve been explored more. The book probably could’ve benefited from at least 100 more pages to allow for more development and not just “BANG BANG king and queen are dead, Maxon does end up with America, the end”.  It really disappointed me because I liked this book enough to get invested in it, and I’ve never really been let down by book like that until this one.

So yeah, The One was a huge letdown for me and I hope Cass’s new series (assuming there’s more than one to it) starting with The Heir is handled better than The Selection was.

What’d you guys think of the ending? Let me know in the comments!


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