Monday, February 23, 2015

Series Review: Throne of Glass

So two or three months ago, Rachel and I were talking, and I was telling her how I need to read more fantasy since most of the time in my own writing, I write fantasy. She remembered this series she started so many years ago on FictionPress that is now known as Throne of Glass. I was immediately intrigued by the summary, and little did I know this would quickly become probably one of my top five series (and have two of my favorite characters).

I’ll admit that initially reading Throne of Glass that I found it interesting but I wasn’t too sure I was loving it. I was definitely intrigued by the plot and Celaena was proving to be the start of an interesting character (although her arrogance got my nerves a little bit at first) and Chaol Westfall, ugh, do not talk to me about him. I just love him so much, okay.

After reading Throne of Glass, it was all downhill from there. I eagerly devoured Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire, and this series has left me remembering why I like finding series that are already complete because I’M GOING TO DIE WAITING FOR QUEEN OF SHADOWS. The Assassin’s Blade, which contains the five accompanying novellas to the series, provide such an interesting look into what brought Celaena to the point where she was in Throne of Glass.

All of the characters are proving to be so complex, the plot is rich, and it’s written so beautifully. I highly recommend this series to anyone into fantasy or searching for a wonderfully written female protagonist. The first book may be a little hard to get through, but I really, really do think you’ll get hooked in Crown of Midnight.

- Yajaira

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