Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bookish Beaus #1

Bookish Beaus

So we all have those characters that we nurse a soft spot for. Whether they be the love interest or have a 5 second appearance, they're there and we love them for it. HERE ARE MY MEN:

1. Fang from Maximum Ride

Fang is your typical dark haired, mysterious bad boy love interest. Although cliche, Fang’s witty  and sarcastic lines when he does choose to speak have a reader laughing when he decides to open his mouth. Not to mention he has wings and plays a mean harmonica.

2. Patch from Hush, Hush
Yet another dark haired, mysterious bad boy with a dark past. Mystery and bad asses tend to be a trend apparently. The plus side though is he speaks more than Fang does. His dialogue, although suggestive, bring humor to the usual tense atmosphere.

3. Tariq from A Thousand Splendid Suns
Oh the classic childhood best friend turned lover. His tough act around Laila makes a reader want to laugh because he’s trying hard to impress her. Not to mention he travels thousands of miles many years afterwards just to see her again when they get separated.

4. Taylor Ambrose from My Sister’s Keeper
First things first, the guy that played him in the movie was pretty cute, bald or not. Second thing, he saw past the cancer to the girl that Kate really was. His caring personality and gentle gestures show that he really cares for her.

5. The infamous Edward Cullen and Jacob Black from Twilight
Let’s get things straight: Yes, I like Twilight but I’m the farthest thing from a Twihard. I just happen to like the series. ANYWAYS, the infamous Cullen or Black debate. It’s a tie between them in my eyes. Stalker characteristics aside, Edward does care for Bella even if his care can sometimes cross the is-clingy-and-sometimes-over dramatic-about-his-love-for-her line.  Now Jacob is also awesome because he wanted to make sure Edward didn’t hurt Bella again even if he tried to steal Bella from Edward. And fell in love with their child. BUT THAT DOESN’T DIMINISH THE FACT THAT HE CARES FOR HER. Not to mention that he was probably a better choice than Edward, but...

Consider yourself tagged.

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